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The museum with everything about steam Locomotives

Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum

The Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum was opened in 1972 on the 100th anniversary of the start of railway operation in Japan. The museum was opened to preserve the history of the steam locomotive, a major part of transportation history passing on the story of the steam locomotive to future generations. The many exhibitions at the museum allow visitors to experience and learn about the railway history and railway culture of Japan. The museum features a fan shaped locomotive house with an impressive array of steam locomotives, a turntable used to turn the gigantic locomotives, a steam locomotive in actual operation on the museum's own exhibition track, numerous displays packed with information about steam locomotives and there is even the former Nijo Station House which takes visitors back to the days of the Meiji era.

The Former Nijo Station House

The former Nijo Station House is the oldest wooden railway station in Japan. The station house was built in 1904 and also served as the main office for the Kyoto Railway Company, a private railway in operation at that time. The station house was used until 1996 when the tracks for the Sagano (San-in) Line were changed to elevated tracks. The station house was then relocated to the museum site as a railway cultural asset, where it is now used as the entrance way and display hall for the museum.

The Former Nijo Station House
a Designated Cultural Asset of Kyoto City

Steam Locomotives on Display

The history of the railway in Japan began in 1872. During the Meiji era the steam locomotives used in Japan were imported from the Unite States and Europe. Later, as the various industries of Japan grew and developed, Japan became able to produce its own outstanding steam locomotives. There are 18 steam locomotives on display at the Umekoj Steam Locomotive Museum, representing the locomotives produced in Japan during the Taisho and Showa eras.

Steam Locomotive Train "STEAM"

Steam Locomotive Train "STEAM"JR-WEST provides daily operation of popular Steam Locomotive Train"STEAM"and every passenger enjoys a real Steam Locomotive. Approximately 10minute-ride for 1kilometer there and back brings about having enough of the travel mood by Steam Locomotive for every passenger.
(TimeSchedule) (1)11:00(2)13:30(3)15:30

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